Steam nostalgia

Travel like they did back in the early 20th century on one of the two traditional steam locomotives of the Mh series. Built in 1906 and put to use on the Waldviertel Railway in 1928, the Mh.1 and Mh.4 steam locomotives guarantee one-of-a-kind train travel. You travel in one of the passenger cars that are up to one hundred years old and have open platforms. Trains always include the old-school café car and the service car for bicycle transport.

Details on our Mh.1 and Mh.4 steam locomotives

The four-coupled Mh series superheated steam generator locomotives were built by Krauss & Co in 1906 and were used in the Waldviertel from 1928 onwards.

With an output of 600 hp, a boiler pressure of 13 bar and a speed of 40 km/h, these machines are real powerhouses. After the general refurbishment in 2013 and 2015, these locomotives again steam their way along the Waldviertel Railway.

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